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Windows 7 creates "Can't Get There From Here."

So, you've probably heard about the PrintNightmare vulnerability that attacks your Print Spooler programs. Yep - hackers can get into your computer via the Print Spooler services. The good news is Microsoft is diligently releasing updates that address this problem. But what if you're running Windows 7 and you're "out-of-band" for Microsoft updates? In this particular case, it depends. Some of you can download and install special updates that reportedly close the loophole. HOWEVER, some of you have not been diligent about updating your Windows 7, and you can't even install the patch. THAT is a BIG problem. Our recommendation? Get off Windows 7... ASAP... like, TODAY.

It's not that Windows 7 was a bad operating system. In fact, it was great - for its time. But by now, the bad guys have been able to drill down into that ancient relic and find its vulnerabilities. They know that anyone still running Windows 7 on their computer is not paying much attention to their security. Bingo. Fresh Meat.

Long Version: Buy a new computer and start from scratch. Short Version: Call us. It'll save you time, money, and frustration.

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