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Think your computer is updated? Be careful… Windows might say you are, but double-check anyway

Here’s how: Choose Start > Settings (gear icon) > Update & Security. You may very well see a message that says “you’re up to date,” but don’t take that as the gospel truth. Click on the “Check for updates” button and install the recommended updates. Some may be optional. If you see one that includes the word “Preview” you may wish to pass on that one. It is likely a “pre-release” update for early adopters. That’s your call, and frankly, it’ll probably be ok. But it may be best to wait until it’s in General Release. The ones that are formatted with a title such as 2021-07 Cumulative Update are particularly important; however, they can take several minutes to install and may require one or more restarts.

Our suggestion, once you’ve installed recommended updates, is to again click on the “Check for updates” button to see if it has found subsequent updates to install. Do that until no more updates are identified.

Can Windows do this automatically for you? Theoretically, yes. But we see many, many computers that have not been updated in months… even years! That’s living on the Security Edge. Don’t be there! If you ignore these updates, YOU are who the bad guys are looking for.

But rest easy: We can install state-of-the art tools on your servers and workstations that will make sure they get updated, and we’re notified if they are not… and then we handle it.

Contact Workflow Engineers today to update your computer and security.

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