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To our valued clients and vendors...

Thank you! 

It’s been a good, long ride.  We've ridden in limousines and we've slept on floors.  From Miami to Seattle, and from mainframe to tablet, ours has been a fascinating technological journey.

Aside from being surrounded by interesting mechanisms and genius logic, our prevailing motivation has always been solving the problem.  It’s been a duty… a grateful responsibility… to help when asked.

But it has come time to entrust that responsibility to others.  There is a new generation of information technology workers that is priming itself to tackle AI, connectivity, data management, security, and technologies not even imagined yet.  We hope our previous partnership will help you move forward with new advisors, engineers, and technicians.
But in the meantime, thank you.  Thank you for your confidence in our abilities.  Thank you for helping us help you.  And of course, thank you for the opportunity to be of service.


Kirk Alexander
CEO Teams and Workflow Engineers

Workflow Engineers, a unit of CEO Teams, brings 40 years of professional consulting experience to clients regarding IT Strategic Planning, Requirements Definition, Deployment, Training, and Support.  Our commitment to integrity, accuracy, and meticulous attention to the needs of our clients remain pillars of our success.

What to Expect

Experienced Business IT Consulting

Fast Response

24/7 Emergency Service

Free Consultation

Who Are Our Clients?

Our clients are forward-thinking, progressive businesses, but they may have limited staff to focus on IT infrastructure.  We handle the day-to-day requirements of business IT functionality, security, and performance.

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